Russ Hunt
Upper Black Eddy

Battery Eliminator


Relic-Tronics exists to fix, restore, reclaim and otherwise bring vintage vacuum tube equipment back to life. We provide this service for guitar amps, electric guitars, ham equipment, and to a lesser extent old radios and TVs.

Relic-Tronics has been doing amp repairs for local music stores since 1996. We can handle both vacuum tube and solid-state amps (and hybrids), but we prefer the tube equipment. (Sometimes, you don't know what's inside until you open it up.)  We do repairs and a few complete restorations on ham boatanchor gear also. The obsession started back in the 60's (the tail end of the tube era) as a hobby. Who back then would have thought this ancient knowledge could be of any use today? As freshmen in college the first thing we were told was to forget everything we ever knew about vacuum tubes!


This is work?


WQ3X hard at it.... "Testing... 1 2 3 4"  Yeah, that's it!


Labor of Love

Gold Dust Twins

KWS-1 from the FAA at LaGuardia Airport...
The Collins Gold Dust Twins - my favorites



Collins Crystal Calibrators

Crystal Calibrators for Collins 75A-series


New Arrivals Can, Interesting?

SP-600 Ugly

Hammarlund SP-600JX-1 - Nice dymo labeling job!